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A Community Health Initiative
The Chaldean Community Foundation is funded by the Michigan Department of Community Health to provide much needed mental health services to refugees and others. The Foundation strives to deliver the best treatment available to refugees, who have suffered untold trauma and stress from the war in Iraq and the subsequent religious persecution of minorities. Many have languished for years in countries like Jordan and Syria, unable to work or send their children to school, before getting permission to come to the United States.

The program is open to anyone who is experiencing difficulties adjusting to personal life challenges such as the loss of a home, divorce and other misfortunes. Individuals without insurance or a means to pay can obtain mental health services including therapy, psychiatric physician visits and medication. Those with insurance are assessed fees based on their plan requirements. Translation and transportation services are available.

 Services provided include:

  • Raise awareness of mental health issues
  • Conducting an initial intake and assessment
  • Communicating with insurance agencies and schedule appointments
  • Providing interpretation and translation for clients with language barriers
  • Providing transportation to and from appointments for uninsured clients without vehicles
  • Assisting clients with a range of services such as housing, food, clothing or medical care needs
    by referring them to appropriate agencies and programs
  • Scheduling home visits
  • Providing counseling and alternatives for issues involving employment, college and legal issues
  • Providing an orientation on American culture and a system to help with adjusting for newcomers


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