Bettering Lives Every Day

Some of the families and people we’ve impacted over the years have chosen to share their stories with us. Read more about how CCF is changing lives for the better.
“I can’t express enough my thanks and gratitude for the services provided by the Chaldean Community Foundation, I got the Permanent Resident Cards for me and my family, I appreciate all the advices and guidance I received that helped me acculturate in this country through the many programs that benefited me and my family such as ESL classes and immigration services.” “I would like to emphasis that the Chaldean Community Foundation provide all the services to all people who walk in to their door without discriminating on color or religion. When I visit the CCF office I feel it is my own home.”
“I came to the Chaldean Community Foundation and I was assigned to Saad for my case. Saad helped me with all my paperwork. He was a great help for me and advised me what to do. I am very satisfied with his work and with the foundation. Thank you.”
“The Chaldean community foundation went above and beyond to help me with reading important mail, place me into a job and also attended 2 English Second Language courses. I develop my English skills and was able to be hired faster and better my position at work.”