Chaldean Community Foundation Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are dedicated to carrying out the CCF’s mission.

Executive Board

Sylvester Sandiha

Chairman Pinnacle Management Group

Kevin Jappaya

Executive Vice Chairman KJ Commercial Real Estate Advisors
Kevin Denha

Kevin Denha

Vice Chairman Vision Investment Partners

Matt Loussia

Secretary Value Wholesale Distributors

Anthony Mona

Treasurer Spartan Wealth Management

Haley Jonna

Executive Committee Member Jonna Properties

Andy Gutman

Executive Committee Member Farbman Group

Joe Hurshe

Executive Committee Member Healthcare Executive


Jason Najor

Super Fair Cellular

Nora Hanna

Christensen Law
Pierre Nona

Pierre Nona

Triangle Development

Mike Sarafa

Vision Growth Partners

Frank Jarbou

Symmetry Property Management