Academic Scholarship Program

The Chaldean Community Foundation’s Academic Scholarship Program is a collaborative effort between private philanthropic ventures and the Foundation to help Chaldean students meet the escalating costs of education. Please check back for 2020 Scholarship Opportunities.

w3r Consulting: Scholarship for Chaldean undergraduate students (sophomores, juniors or seniors only) pursuing STEM degrees (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics). Assists Chaldean students who are residents of Michigan and are attending college in-state.

w3r Consulting recognizes the importance of preparing the next generation of leaders in technology heavy fields, and supports young Chaldean students through their educational journey.



Yvonne E. Nona Women’s Scholarship Fund: Honoring the late Ms. Yvonne E. Nona, the scholarship is awarded to women in pursuit of higher-level learning. Available to those attending a community college, university or graduate program.

Yvonne was a strong supporter of education for Chaldean women, volunteering her time and mentoring others to help them pursue an education.




Drs. Nathima and Peter Atchoo Family Foundation Scholarship Fund: The Drs. Nathima and Peter Atchoo Family Foundation scholarship provides financial assistance to Chaldean students pursuing higher education, including community college, university, and graduate studies in preparation for a career in the field of their choice.

Drs. Nathima and Peter Atchoo created the scholarship fund to leave a legacy and support the youth in the Chaldean community through the power of education.

Congratulations to our 2019 Scholarship Recipients:







w3r Consulting STEM Scholarship Recipients
  • Ansam Ghareeb
  • Dani Brikho
Yvonne Nona Memorial Scholarship Fund Recipients
  • Amanda Badri
  • Danela Benyamen
  • Megan Adam
  • Wella Yatooma
Drs. Nathima and Peter Atchoo Family Foundation Scholarship Fund Recipients
  • Angelina Adam
  • Anna Najor
  • Helena Hanaee
  • Kate Zablock
  • Rosemary Hermiz
  • Tammam Sagman

To support the Chaldean Community Foundation’s Academic Scholarship Fund, please contact us at (586) 722-7253.