Our Mission

Improving the stability, health and wellness of those we serve through…


Our Advocacy pillar thrives on making a difference for families marginalized from mainstream American society by contacting representatives, writing letters, and making phone calls to assist on their behalf. CCF staff sees firsthand how racial/ethnic profiling can affect individuals, and are committed to the development of strong community-police relationships and programs to help recognize and overcome this practice.

New American Acculturation

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers for those with special needs

Behavioral Health Services at a Glance

Access to Transportation

Preserving our ancient but lively culture

Access to Health Care

Developing long-term housing solutions

Advocacy for ethnic & religious minorities

Awards and Achievements

CARF Accredited

CARF Accreditation

Macomb Business Awards

Model of OneMacomb - 2015

Crains Best Managed Nonprofits

Crain’s Best Managed Nonprofits 2019 Finalist

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Macomb County Hall of Fame

In recognition of Outstanding Contribution to our Community – 2016