Our Mission

Improving the stability, health and wellness of those we serve through…


Our Advocacy pillar thrives on making a difference for families marginalized from mainstream American society by contacting representatives, writing letters, and making phone calls to assist on their behalf. CCF staff sees firsthand how racial/ethnic profiling can affect individuals, and are committed to the development of strong community-police relationships and programs to help recognize and overcome this practice.


Our Acculturation pillar assists in the process in which an individual adopts, acquires and adjusts to a new cultural environment. Acculturation assistance comes in the form of English as a Second Language classes, Career services, Workforce Development, Citizenship Instruction, General Education and Naturalization.

Community Development

Our Community Development pillar focuses on community need beyond basic services. This includes educational town halls, health fairs and forums informing the community of important health and safety issues, as well as programs that serve a specific need like CCF’s BEAM, HEAL, Breaking Barriers, and Project Light.

Cultural Preservation

Our Cultural Preservation pillar ensures the Chaldean Culture remains at the forefront of everything we do. This includes Mango Language Chaldean language tutorials to keep the Chaldean language alive, as well as academic scholarships to ensure ongoing education, an annual golf outing and CCF’s Annual Gala to continue the support of the community and all those we serve.

New American Acculturation

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers for those with Developmental and/or Intellectual Disabilities

Behavioral Health Services at a Glance

Access to Transportation

Preserving our ancient but lively culture

Access to Health Care

Developing long-term housing solutions

Advocacy for ethnic & religious minorities

Awards and Achievements

CARF Accredited

CARF Accreditation

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Model of OneMacomb - 2015

Crains Best Managed Nonprofits

Crain’s Best Managed Nonprofits 2019 Finalist

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In recognition of Outstanding Contribution to our Community – 2016