Programs & Solutions

Let’s get you on the right path.

We have tailored solutions to help each and every one of our affected community members. Browse below to see which one of our services could benefit you most.

New American Acculturation

Among its mission, the Chaldean Community Foundation provides individuals with necessary medical, psychological and social services to assist with American acculturation.

Breaking Barriers for those with special needs

We have specific services dedicated to providing assistance and advocacy to individuals with special needs. From facilitating group recreation events to referrals to other service providers, we do our best to help those that need a little extra assistance carrying out the daunting task of acculturating to life in the United States. Our services help those with special needs such as visual or hearing impairments, as well as other learning disabilities. We also mediate with Michigan state agencies for those with special needs.

Access to Health Care

Our compassionate-care healthcare network offers access to affordable prescription medications or necessary lab work. These programs are committed to alleviating any financial burdens that our Chaldean community might be currently facing while they fight for their life.

Preserving our ancient but Lively Culture

In an effort to preserve the Chaldean language, the Chaldean Community Foundation has partnered with Mango Languages to create the Chaldean Aramaic online language tutorial. This language preservation is a documentation project in preserving and revitalizing the indigenous language of Jesus Christ, Aramaic, commonly known as Chaldean or Syriac.

Access to Transportation

The CCF is committed to financially helping our Chaldean society as best we can with easy finance offers. Through this service, we are able to provide low-interest loans to those in need. Most loan amounts are up to $12,000 and can be used for the purchase of used vehicles or starting a small business. All of our loans have qualification terms that must be met in order to be approved. Candidates must also meet with a Chaldean Community Foundation case manager to explain how the credit process works in the United States.

Developing Long-Term Housing Solutions

One of the most critical needs in Metro Detroit is Affordable Housing for families near or below the Federal Poverty Level. The CCF is developing the Van Dyke Apartments: a 135-unit affordable apartments and 9,000 square feet of retail space and mixed-use development to serve about 500 new tenants.

Advocacy for Ethnic & Religious Minorities

We work with and for our community to protect minority rights abroad, support legal refugee resettlement and ensure the long-term viability of our endangered community in Iraq.