The Chaldean Community Foundation, the not-for-profit arm of the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce, is dedicated to advancing the needs of the Chaldean American community and the communities in which they live and work through education, charitable giving and advocacy.




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Facts about the Chaldean Community:
  • Chaldean/ Assyrians have a history spanning more than 5,500 years dating back to Mesopotamia.

  • Chaldeans own more than 15,000 businesses in the state of Michigan.

  • There are more than ten Chaldean Catholic Churches in Michigan.

  • Chaldeans emigrated primarily from Iraq, several thousand also reside in Syria.

  • The native language Chaldeans speak is Aramaic.

  • Chaldeans are from the Arab world but do not consider themselves Arabs. It’s because they predate the Arabs and have their own language and culture.

  • The Chaldean Community Foundation helps an estimate 15,000 refuges and low-income immigrants with a variety of services including job placement, English as second language, immigration and access to medical and psychological care.

  • Metro Detroit represents the largest Chaldean population outside the Middle East with more than 130,000 residing in the tri-county area.

  • Chaldeans are Iraqi Christians whose roots date back to ancient Mesopotamia and Babylon.