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Our Mission

Our Breaking Barriers program provides assistance and advocacy to individuals with special needs and respite to caregivers. From providing respite to facilitating group recreation events, our Breaking Barriers team goes above and beyond for our most vulnerable clients. Families that have members with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are invited to gather for 10 theme-based events annually. These events are meant to facilitate personal development and a sense of community.  One of the core initiatives of the Behavioral Health program, the Breaking Barriers program services more than 4,000 individuals on annually and offers various programs including:

    • Braille ESL Acculturation Mobility (B.E.A.M) Project: helps better equip those with visual impairments to live independent lives.
    • Hard of Hearing, ESL, American Sign Language, Life Skills (H.E.A.L.) Project: helps better equip those with hearing impairments to live independent lives.
    • Wellness Initiative for Senior Education (WISE) Project: an evidence-based wellness program empowering older adults to make positive and healthy choices.
    • Fitness and Nutrition (FAN) Project: help assists individuals and caregivers, teaching them the benefits of staying active as well as how to make healthy choices. The program also teaches those individuals how to cook food, how to exercise properly, and they attend field trips that will help to reinforce healthy habits and values.

The CCF Life Skills Center provides space for special needs individuals and their caregivers to have learning opportunities in real life settings to support the advancement of daily living skills, self-determination, interpersonal skill building and employment skill development. The Chaldean Community Foundation is requesting your help to make 2024 an unforgettable year. Any donation will make an impact as we prepare to open our doors again and welcome community members into our home.

  • $20 provides a person with autism or special needs a private, one hour appointment for a haircut.
  • $50 sponsors one individual to attend a field trip to integrate a person with special needs into the community.
  • $100 provides one art or music workshop for individuals with special needs and respite for caregivers.
  • $500 provides six workplace and life skills trainings for those with disabilities and special needs.

Will you help us make a difference for those we serve?

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