New American Acculturation

These programs help refugees and others acculturate and become less dependent on federal and state subsidies and services. For more information on the programs listed below, please visit the Chaldean Community Foundation office, or contact us at (586) 722-7253.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language(ESL) courses teaches individuals English through a partnership with Macomb Community College.


Immigration services help individuals apply for lawful permanent resident status and to become naturalized citizens.
You can apply for citizenship online by clicking on the link below:
For further naturalization information and assistance see this list of resources: Citizenship one-page

U.S. Naturalization Courses

U.S. Naturalization Courses offer instruction and training for successful completion of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Naturalization Examination.

Career Services

Career Services provides job search, training and placement. For more information, please contact Elias at (586) 722-7253. Career Services Flyer


The Chaldean Community Foundation’s partnership with Macomb Community College’s M-TEC aims to place unemployed or underemployed individuals in training programs in an effort to equip them with the skills necessary to obtain higher paying positions.

Computer Learning Classes

Computer Learning Classes teach individuals basic computer skills.
job placement services
1,160+ number of job placement services conducted
Employment Rate
74% Placed in full-time jobs
Immigration Applications filed
4,192 Immigration Applications filed
computer learning classes
615 Students enrolled across all available classes
computer learning classes
51 Students enrolled in computer learning classes
Citizenship Preparation Classes
328 Students enrolled in Citizenship Preparation Classes
English Learning Classes
178 Students enrolled in English Learning Classes