Preserving our ancient but Lively Culture

Cultural Awareness

The Chaldean Community Foundation provides education and information to community, health and government organizations on and about the Chaldean community. If your organization is interested in a Cultural Awareness session, please contact the CCF for more information at (586) 722-7253. There are many advantages and positive outcomes when it comes to learning about different backgrounds.
  • Increase quality of care.
  • Erase stigmas.
  • Better understand your neighbors.
  • Reduce disparities in healthcare.
  • Learn about different cultures.
  • Improve social outcomes.
Cultural Awareness sessions offered to corporations or municipalities of any size.

Preserve Our Language

Imagine traveling back in time to Mesopotamia and visiting the breathtaking expanse of the Nineveh plains—the language you would most likely hear spoken there is Chaldean Aramaic. A semitic language with rich history, it has been used in religious contexts for centuries, and its alphabet has served as a basis for the Hebrew and Arabic alphabets, among other languages. Today, it is mainly spoken in areas of present day Iran and Iraq, as well as within the Chaldean diaspora. This course was created in partnership with the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce and Chaldean Community Foundation in Detroit, Michigan.
1,635 served with cultural competency training