A Message from our President to Clients and Members

Mar 18, 2020

Dear Clients and Members:

As we all continue to work through new realities and uncertainties, I wanted to make you aware of conversations being held, partnerships being formed, and tangible steps being taken aimed at bringing solutions and relief to our community through both the Chaldean Community Foundation and the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce.

On the Chamber side we have joined hands with Pontiac-based Lighthouse – an organization long dedicated to serving the impoverished in Metro Detroit.  In partnership with Lighthouse, the United Way, Gardner White and others, we will work to ensure food and other basic needs are made available to those who need it most. To that end, we are thankful for the support being provided by Trepco Sales in assisting with this important initiative.

We are also thrilled with the dedicated efforts of our wonderful independent grocers who continue to leverage their strong industry relationships to ensure their store shelves remain stocked and product is available to their customers. Those efforts were recognized over the weekend with initial media coverage.  We are working to generate additional awareness and press in the days ahead.

The Foundation is continuing to stay in close touch with our congressional members. We have also heard from our Oakland and Macomb County Executives and a number of city mayors – all wanting to share what they are hearing and advocating for on a state and federal level related to providing relief to American workers. And things are happening.

President Trump is indicating support for direct cash payments to Americans of $1,000 or more over the next two weeks as part of a $1 trillion economic stimulus package. The Treasury has also announced that taxpayers can defer payments to the IRS for 90 days. And, Congresswoman Stevens and I are discussing her push for a bill related to loan forbearance, whereby mortgage payments or other debt instruments would be suspended for 90-180 days, or until a normal course of business is resumed.

As we await this assistance please know that while our offices are currently closed, our phone lines remain open and we are here to assist you in any and all areas.  As always, we will continue to provide our guidance and support to anyone who needs our people and our services.

Be well.  We will continue to keep you updated on additional news and developments.

Martin Manna


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