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Oakland University School of Medicine partners with the Chaldean Community Foundation

"Through our partnership with the Chaldean Community Foundation, we found incredible people who wanted to help out and did so by helping provide funding and volunteers for tutoring and coaching," Triska says. The program has a strong emphasis on literacy. “These kids are very good at math and science, but their biggest issue is reading,” says third-year medical student...

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Crain’s Best-Managed Nonprofit 2019 Finalist- Chaldean Community Foundation

Over the past five years, the number of people served by the Chaldean Community Foundation has grown from a few thousand each year to nearly 35,000. Much of the demand was spurred by the surge in Iraqi and Syrian refugees during the last administration. But the number of people coming to the foundation hasn’t trickled off despite the shift in federal policies that has kept...

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Stateside: Iraqi deportations continue; life as a NICU nurse; building schools to stop mass shooters

On August 6, Jimmy Al-Daoud of Sterling Heights died in Iraq. Al-Daoud, who’d lived in the United States since he was an infant, was deported in June as the federal government cracked down on non-citizens who had broken the law. His family said he may have died from a lack of insulin to treat his diabetes. Al-Daoud’s remains are expected to arrive back in Michigan for burial...

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Tonight’s candlelight vigil meant to comfort the family and raise awareness

Jimmy Al-Daoud was not an American citizen. But he was part of a family, who traveled to the United States lawfully in 1979 when he was just a baby and was then raised in America by a woman who became a citizen in hopes of a better life for her children. He was also part of a Christian community whose members knew what it was like to flee a country for fear of being...

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