CCF’s Behavioral Health Services at a Glance

Group Therapy

At CCF, group therapy is the foundational part of treatment. CCF usually offers multiple group therapy sessions each day Monday through Friday and sometimes on weekends. Led by a counselor, therapist, or other appropriate professional, group therapy provides individuals with the opportunity to share their insights, learn from the experiences of others, and give and receive support with individuals who are dealing with similar challenges. Group therapy sessions provide safe and structured environments for individuals to practice productive problem solving and other skills that help with a recovery process.

Individual Therapy

One-on-one therapy provided by a therapist or counselor provides opportunities for individuals to process relationship issues and other stresses or concerns that they may be hesitant or unwilling to bring up in a group setting. Individual therapy provides focused feedback from an experienced professional. CCF offers individual sessions on an as-needed basis.

Family Sessions

The impact of mental health issues and problems with substance abuse and addiction is rarely limited to the afflicted individual. Family members and close friends are often affected by their loved one’s struggles, and can often play important roles in a successful recovery process. Family therapy and other family support sessions can help to heal wounds and can help family members learn how to provide the most effective support to their loved ones.

To learn more about behavioral health services at CCF please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to helping you make the most informed decision for yourself or for a loved one.